Hair by Mulcair

As a part of my thesis project of repurposing political figures as celebrity figures, I planned to do a Thomas Mulcair project. When I think of Mulcair, I think of his trademark beard. I thought it would be worth doing a hair related product, and it just so happens that his last name rhymes with hair, which is how Hair by Mulcair came to be.

I decided to follow through with a men’s grooming line, such as a safety razor, beard oil, shaving cream and a shaving brush to name a few. It would be bundled as a reasonably priced subscription delivery kit, and feature orange accents since he is the leader of the NDP. I chose to use a thick, angular cursive typeface as the main brand word mark. It’s slightly messy, yet cool and magnetic, which perfectly aligns with the overall brand personality. The cursive fits nicely within the sharp lines of the razor, making a striking combination.

Class: Workshop 2
Year: 2015
Format: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Mockup