As a part of my personal project of repurposing political figures as celebrity figures, I felt that Olivia Chow would be the perfect candidate for her own scent. Through some extensive research of the fragrance market, I came across a lot of celebrity branded fragrances. A large section of the market is celebrity centric: billions of dollars worth to be exact. If a celebrity can have their own fragrance, so can a politician, but which one? 

The bottle design features a top centered spray nozzle, a base stand, and a glass middle to act as both a counter to the “O” shape, as well as a display to the user of how much fluid they have left. The orange colour is to represent the NDP party, but it also ties in with the flora and citrus notes of the perfume formula itself. The bottle was designed in Rhino 5, rendered and then 3D printed for the final presentation.

The product is called “Victory” as a reference to Olivia Chow’s unsuccessful bid for the Mayor of Toronto. It seemed fitting for the name of a perfume, and the tagline “Life’s a victory, even when you lose” put a humorous spin on an otherwise upsetting situation. I went through a few iterations of the logo typeface until settling with a really organic, brush stroke typeface, which fit well with the floral imagery.

Year: 2015 Format: Photoshop, InDesign, Photo Manipulation, Rhino 5, 3D Printing