Wynne Athletics

As a part of my thesis project of repurposing political figures as celebrity figures, I chose Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne as the first political figure with her own clothing line. Wynne Athletics was influenced by a Liberal campaign ad of Wynne jogging down a road in a red windbreaker. The idea transformed into Wynne Athletics, an athletic apparel line to be worn by hard workers who get the job done!

After figuring out the branding and logo, I was able to start designing apparel to fit the brand. I had to make a list of what items I wanted to create, and which would be essential. I wanted t-shirts, shirts, leggings, sweaters, joggers, hats, toques, and windbreakers. I began with a few clever slogans and catchphrases based around the Wynne name such as “Wynne-credible” and “Wynne-dependent”, which then branched out into “You Can Wynne!” and “Walk, Run, WYNNE IT”. After producing the clothing, I booked a studio and with the help of a few classmates, we brought the product line to life. I shot, edited and retouched the photos, as well as laid them out into a lookbook to encapsulate the whole line for consumer sake.

Class: Workshop 2
Year: 2015
Format: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Digital Photography, Photo Retouching